The Great Diversity in the Democrat Presidential Field

The Great Diversity in the Democrat Presidential Field

August 4, 2015

When we talk (are told about) the great diversity in the democratic party we can all agree that the bottom end of the American voter votes democrat. And as one ascends the socio-economic ladder – say from welfare recipient to low wage worker – he or she tends to begin considering a less progressive approach to the economy, the American culture and way of life, the flood of foreign people across our borders and resulting loss of jobs to Americans and lower pay for those who are able to find work, the loss of respect on the inter national playing field, and on and on…Some gravitate to the independents  or – ew – the republicans.

So to see the vast and wonderful diversity presented and displayed to the American voter for his or her perusal by the democrat party, the hopeful leader of those who vote democrat. Why, do I see a woman amongst the contenders? Why, yes by George! It’s Hillary….HILLARY CLINTON! My gawd, to think that we have a woman presidential candidate on the world stage. We are so diverse!

Why is that a man? That candidate? Why, yes it is. That’s Joe. Joe Bidden. “Hey. Yo.  Uncle Joe! How’s it hang in man??? “

Talk about diversity…The democrat race fields a man and a woman. Well, I know that’s only two sexes out of all of them. But, come on. And I realize they are both white. But at least their genders are different.

Oh, wait. Wait a minute. Why, it’s Bernie Sanders! Again. More diversity. Do you realize that all three candidates are from different northeastern states? I am so proud of our diverse field for 2016.






And the republican party is so snobby and they’re mostly old white men. I mean look at their presidential field. Give me a break. Diversity my ass.

Sure, they got a woman, an indian, a cuban, a black guy, a baptist preacher, a mexican or something, a canadian or something a couple catholics I think. Maybe a polock or something.

But, just because they’re different does not mean they’re diverse. I bet not even one voted for Obama. Diverse. Phewww. Yeah, right.

Oh yeah, and our party? All three of our candidates are real politicians. They’ve been politicians all their lives. And that’s a long time. They REALLY know politics. As a matter of fact, they have devoted so much of their adult life to politics that they haven’t had to learn anything else. Instead of working they became politicians. I mean, they REALLY know politics.

But the republicans? Come on. They have a real estate guy with hair who is worth about 9 or 10 billion dollars. Big deal. They have a pediatric neurosurgeon. He’s the black guy. Gimme a break. They have a lady who ran a billion dollar high-tech company. So? They got a former prosecutor, a retired lieutenant colonel or something a few governors and yes, the ubiquitous congressmen. Did I leave anyone out? Oh, and a bunch of them are in their forties or fifties, not their sixties or seventies. How much could they know in only 40 or 50 years?

So, they represent a confusing array of men and the woman who have a lot of diverse…I mean “different” backgrounds, genders, nationalities, religions, professions and different things like that. So what? They only have a few DC politicians in their stable.

But we? We have a great and diverse field of northeastern white old career politicians. And one is a woman, by George! One might be a jew also. The three of them alone have at least 120 to 150 years of combined DC political experience. They have G-R-A’-V-I-T-A-S… I bet the average time the republican candidates have huddled among the DC elite is less that 5 years. See. Absolutely no depth as regards beltway politics and more important – beltway practices.

And policy differences? One word – Planned Parenthood. Can you believe all the fuss those right wing fanatical kooks are making after those damn republicans made those secret tapes of the PP bosses selling baby organs?

Republicans….  Phewww. If it rhymed I’d call them neanderthals. Like Julia Roberts said, “Republican. You’ll find it in the dictionary between reptile and repulsive.” With  a wit like that she should write her own screenplays.

Oh, be a dear and pass me the Poupon, Buffi…

The Ringo Zone


5 thoughts on “The Great Diversity in the Democrat Presidential Field

  1. Oh! What about Krispy Kreme from New Jersey? Maybe Hillary’s Brother’s company could win the contract for the Trump Wall.


    • Tiny states make big presidents.
      Socialism might work in Vermont, but Florida??? Vermont is not a very racially diversified state, I think it should be disqualified.
      However, he is the only non-Globalist candidate that I can discern. By non-Globalist I mean: The United States’ interests come first.
      I don’t trust Socialists, starting with Socrates.


  2. Do you think there is a connection between all the cannibalistc vampire/zombie shows/movies AND the fact that old people are living off the sold human baby parts … notice I said ‘old’; like over 50. Macabre , or , waste not want not (i.e. $$)?


    • Just remember another work for politician which has become somewhat pejorative, is public servant.,
      Also, CONTENT, MAN. Content.


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