ISIS, China and Planned Parenthood: The Dream Team

ISIS, China and Planned Parenthood

July 28, 2015

Over the past few years we have been exposed to ISIS and other jihadists beheadings, China’s execution of both political/religious dissidents and criminal convicts and now the slicing, dicing and sale of baby cells, tissue and organs. What a dream team.

The problem lies with ISIS. When ISIS beheads, hangs, burns or in some other way destroys a human life they are wasting a resource by allowing the useable cells, tissue and organs to waste away. This is a crime against humanity. Plus they are leaving silver on the table.

Now, the Chinese have the typical oriental pragmatic approach to the issue. When they determine that a living breathing human will be executed for various capital crimes and offenses they set it up for maximum harvesting of cells, tissue and organs. After having their head blown off by a rifle or dispatched with a 9mm to the neck, the former human is quickly slicked, diced and sold by the part. Like chopping a stolen car for pieces, the sum of the whole is greater when divvied up.

Planned Parenthood, gratefully, follows the Chinese model. When a sub-human cellular, tissue and organ mass is sucked, crushed, scraped from or in some other manner removed from the mother’s womb, great care is sometimes exerted, not as a gesture of empathy for the writhing organ mass, but for the obvious benefits of a viable cellular, tissue and organ mass. $BENEFIT$

If an infant, I mean tissue mass, is squirming, a quick snip to the neck with heavy scissors will stop the annoying writhing. Too bad for ISIS they have to deal with fully developed children and adults when they chop their heads off. Why, a 12 week old set of lungs is worth…$50? What about a 16 week old pancreas. $100? Thank God all those organs are not going to waste like the unused parts are.

We need to convince ISIS to join the triad of cell, tissue and organ harvesters…I mean recoverers. Then, we’ll have the human cell, tissue and organ dream team.

Thank you Planned Parenthood for the millions of organ masses you have stopped from becoming humanoids. Ms. Sanger would be proud. And, I for one love the collagen embryonic stem cells in my cheeks. It makes me feel so….cheeky.

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