The Magic of Trump

The Magic of Trump

June 20, 2015

I remember when Ronald Reagan announced his candidacy for the presidency running against Jimmy Carter for his second term. I sort of guffawed and thought, that’s funny. A former actor turned California Governor. Ha ha. Good luck. I was about 30. He turned out to be the greatest president in my lifetime and among the top tier in the history of great presidents. At least in my history. Of course I voted for him.

I just watched Donald Trump tell Bill O’Reilly the way things are. O’Reilly was trying to credit Trump’s popularity to his distain for politicians (See D.C. Politicians). As true as that is, it misses the larger picture. People are coalescing around Donald Trump because he is above those around him. He rises above the petty crowd stammering to bring him down. It makes me think of pagans howling at the colosseum beasts to tear him apart. These are his rivals in the race and the limp press, both FOX and the other rans who continue to dismiss him. Yet when they turn their fangs and stingers against him, he merely brushes them aside.

He is a Churchill in his time. His brashness is merely a way to portray his vast accomplishments. Say what you want against him, Trump gets what he wants. So, as long as he wants what I want, I’m right there with him. The real question becomes, where does he stand on issues? But that’s another story.

Trump is an armored man and we need more fortitude in our male role models. Donald Trump is our well-heeled vigorous uncle. In the family, he is the guy everybody turns to. In the town or village he’s the guy who helps a lot of people, poor and not poor. He is not interested in prestige. He sits at the top. In the city he’s the guy who makes things happen and puts thousands to work. Across the nation he is the guy who will take a tired demoralized people and reenergize them into the greatness America is. We are in a new century, a new world and a global challenge. Trump knows the terrain. His conquests are commercial, not military. But he will destroy an enemy like isis. Petroleum lies across the graves of the satans of isis.

Charles Krauthammer just acknowledged one of Trumps two lightning rods. He validated Trumps claim to the calamity our veterans face in their medical care. Another example of Trumps power. He was bashed for his attack on Senator McCain and just made it about the disgraceful condition of our veterans healthcare system – a DC responsibility.

Today he rolled up Lindsey Graham into a sticky ball. Graham was never really in the race but now he’s adios. Shut down like a tenderfoot boy scout at his first campfire. This will rally plenty of everyday men. It is the magic of Trump. It is high time that we had a non-politician, successful, straight-forward, strong, unflinching American take the helm of this nation. We have a black eye and a bloody nose on the world theatre. We need a fighter to allow US to take back our place in the world. Earth and her people depend on US.

America, a nation of so many different ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds that we hold the bar on diversity, is the lighthouse of mankind across Earth. Like it or not, we are the most generous, most successful, and most free people on Earth. We must continue to lead the way. If that means sending soldiers to help earthquake victims, than that is what we do. If it means sending soldiers to annihilate an enemy to mankind, such as Isis, than that is what we do.

Trump will run right over the stupid little crap so many of US are distracted by and let US return to our greatness. There is a whole generation of Americans who have not felt the glow of the US A as we shine around the world. President Reagan was able to do it. I am certain that a President Trump would do the same.

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6 thoughts on “The Magic of Trump

  1. What about Mr. Trumps libral view points and monatary contributions to liberals and their causes in the past?
    Care to comment?


    • Reagan was a democrat before he was a republican. His politics aside, Trump is showing republic candidates how to get votes. He’s have a huge stash of political capital when he’s ready to throw in behind the eventual winner. They are starting to poke their heads up. Who was it that just told the world that Mcconnell lied to him? What about Huckabee? They are emulating The Donald.


  2. I like a lot of what Trump has to say. He has big balls and isn’t afraid to let them hang out. But, what he said about POWs pisses me off and you know why!!!!!


  3. Trump is following Ross Perot’s agenda: if he runs it will split the Repos, therefore they must buy him off….but what does he want? He has been rich all his life. His business ties place him squarely in the Globalist camp. Other than his bashing of his fellow plutocrats, what will he do for USA? Not Globalism…the USA!!!
    Nevertheless, he doesn’t have much competition , except for Carly.


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