Child Molesters Should Be Executed

Child Molesters Should Be Executed

Most of my friends who are really messed up were the victims of child molestation at some time in their youth. For some reason people feel like telling me their stories. That’s how I know. They don’t go into detail. By messed up I mean that they abuse drugs and alcohol and their level of self esteem is at basic survival level. I have only one friend, whom I am aware of, who was molested once but seems to be what you would call “normal”.

I don’t believe in the term “capital punishment”. I don’t wish for rapists, murderers or molesters to be punished. Like a neighbor’s dog that kills a child, a child molester should merely be eliminated to assure they will never destroy another young life.

When I worked as an anti-robbery stake out officer back in the good ole days when cops were lawmen and not revenue collectors, our motto was “Zero Recidivism”. That and “Justice Through Violence” were popular tattoos. Our stated mission was to apprehend armed robbers in the commission of their crime.

In fact, we were two-man hunter killer teams who laid in ambush in high crime areas behind mirrors in convenience, liquor and fast food locations hunting fields baited with a couple hundred dollars in the till. If we were lucky enough to be in position when a strung out degenerate waved a gun in a clerk’s face and demanded the money, we would take aim, shout “Police. Freeze!” and wait for the typical reaction – which was to turn at the sound. In that split second as they were about half turned towards the sound, we would let go with a blast of 12 gauge .00 or slugs.

After shooting 18 and killing 12 armed robbers in the first year of operations armed robberies and robbery homicides plummeted. We maintained that low rate for over five years until a newly elected liberal mayor ended the project. Predictably, the robbery murder rate rose back to its default setting within a few years.

Unlike armed robbery, we can’t predict when a pedophile will strike. But once he does molest a child and once he is arrested and convicted, the socially responsible next step is elimination. Pedophilia is incurable. Zero Recidivism is the answer.

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4 thoughts on “Child Molesters Should Be Executed

  1. Recidivism…
    Catching a poisonous snake in the backyard, keep it and feed it for awhile, poke at it some, then let it go. A smart man would let it go in the neighbor’s yard, but not blind Justice, not in the Land of the Free and the Brave.
    IT’s not he snake’s fault.


    • That’s about it. I see a lot of pygmies and a few diamond backs where I live. I also see coral snakes and plenty of mocassins. I never kill them, not one. That’s the difference between pediphiles and poison snakes.


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