Our Heroes


I was watching old westerns tonight with my dear dying friend Don. We were watching the old westerns from the Sixties. Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Johnny Yuma the Rebel. Back then some guy got smacked in every episode of every show. Usually more than one guy would get slugged and a fight would break out. Those men fought at a mans gut level.

We were raised by stories of decency overcoming descendency. Our heroes were the men on the silver screen and the real men they played – our Fathers. We were raised by the men who saved the Earth in their own times, in the wars so many have fought with honor.

We have fought wars since we went against the British in the Revolutionary War. We fought others over the decades and centuries until we are bogged down in an enervating conflict that will suck the life out of our way of life in time if we continue at the pace we are fighting in 2015. We throw our men and women in arms at an invisible enemy in a land never vanquished with hands bound by 21st century globalist hand-ringers.

And what do our young people look up to in todays life and times? Who are their heroes? An actor? A sports figure? Some dude on a reality show? Our Fathers were our heroes. Back then there were so many. Every kid’s Dad fought in the war or had a part in winning it. Today there are so few. So few children have parents who have fought and worked to support those fights. The best of our nation are standing guard around the world for you and for me.

And what are they standing for? They are protecting the people of this nation – including all of the lame-brains who support the current national place and its direction. They are protecting the rights of those among us who speak out against the nation we are. There are those who would destroy our way of life in the name of a belief system that slaps them at birth and hounds them through a hard-feeling empty life until they succumb to the spirit-breaking dicta of islam.

The world is growing weary of all the wars being fought against it. And wars mean many thousands of innocent people dying hideous deaths. And for what? The spread of islam. ISIS is their A-team and is only doing what islam has done for 1400 years. Just better.

Still we have so few who see that threat and give their future to fighting for those of us left behind to live the casual American life we live. Go to any store and find three different cherry toppings. See or get anything you want anywhere anytime. The immensity of our liberties offends the core of the men raised under that belief system called islam.

Yet so few of us seem to understand the essence of what is developing. We need to kill them there so we don’t have to kill them here. Because here is everywhere they have a significant percent of the population. They begin killing when they are a small but significant minority.

Who are our heroes today? They are the men and women who are engaged in this conflict against and ancient enemy who has been fighting since Muhammed incited jihad back in the early 600s. Like Jesus, he touched a lot of people over the centuries. Unlike Jesus he has spawned a curse on all the lands, for we are fighting his disciples on every continent as we have been fighting for over a thousand years.

The fight is in the name of jihad but, as all wars, this centuries-old fight is over resources. Wars are not fought over ideology. They are fought over resources and ideology is a comforting cause for the masses. Hitler and his followers were not interested in converting Europe to nazism. They were interested in the land to the east. Land is a resource. Islam is the perfect model to illustrate that concept. 

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4 thoughts on “Our Heroes

  1. You could be speaking on behalf of Demosthenes, Marcus Aurelius, Urban IV, Karl Marx, Dick Clark and so many others decrying the mores of the once removed generation. Thus will it always be. The Hutus make ISIS look like boy scouts with fire crackers.


    • The morality issue transcends geography, humanity and time. We have our own incidents of wanton depravity. We call them rape-slayers and psychopathic murderers. The Hutus, ISIS, Nazi Death-Heads and untold other brutalizers – including our own military government in the post-Civil War era in the war agains western Indians – have a common denominator. They are cruel and immune to the suffering of fellow humans. They need to be eliminated. We have been fighting them for over a thousand years.


  2. The men and women who honorably serve their county today are definitely heroes! The key words in this statement are “honorably serve”. They deserve our respect, especially in today’s “Its All about Me” society!


    • Each of us was blessed with the Fathers we had. They were typical of the heros of their generation. We still have plenty of men and women who are of that ilk. It’s the brain-dead, face-in-device, do nothing, visionless masses that jam up present day society with their lack of historical perspective that irks me.


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