Time to Get Over the Confederate Flag

Time to Get Over the Confederate Flag

I see with a certain amount of satisfaction a great deal of discussion about the Confederate flag after the heart-breaking massacre in Charleston perpetrated by a demonic madman who happens to be white and had some Confederate Flags in some self-portraits, known to the banal social media commoner as “selfies”.

As so many descendants of victors from long forgotten wars are quick to say, “Get over it”.

I like my Rebel Flag as much as I like my 13 Colony American Revolution Flag and for the same reason. Each is a part of my personal history. It was my direct blood ancestors who fought these wars, these two wars waged 90 years apart by the great-grandsons of earlier patriots. Two wars linked by a common value. In each war my fathers fought against the superior army and navy of a repressive government.

If my southern flag offends you than don’t fly it. The skinheads, nazis, media and those everyday Americans who condemn her are responsible for trying to demean to besmirch my Southern Heritage Flag. I’ve seen plenty of people doing the same to the Stars n Bars. They are both children of the same flag, the one that represented the unitedness of the 13 original states.

For many years I had my Rebel Flag tucked away in a dark room. I fly my Stars n Stripes every day. But last week, among the hubbub and the ubiquitous one-sided attack on my Confederate Flag, I decided to bring her out into the light of day. Now she flies brightly beside her younger brother with 50 stars, for the true union was forged by the Civil War.

My forefathers fought for their flags. I’ll fight for mine.

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3 thoughts on “Time to Get Over the Confederate Flag

  1. I say again A 9MM Bullet in the back of the head and harvest the organ of that scumbag P.O.S., but leave history (the Confederate Flag) alone!!!


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