The Intolerance of Tolerance

The Intolerance of Tolerance

As I lie writing this during the summer of 2015 the whole country seems to be at odds about one thing or another. Obamacare. Same sex marriage. The Pacific Trade Agreement. Black v white. About the only thing we all seem to agree on is the capture and the shooting of the two escaped murderers in New York. Though I imagine more than a few readers feel a twinge of sympathy for the dead guy. The guy who murdered and cut up his boss…

There is a certain irony in the tolerance factor at play in the culture in these times. For example, the gay rights crowd – known to many mainly by their obnoxious in your face behavior – will attempt to hurt anybody who opposes their view. Anyone who happens to get caught in their crosshairs, that is.

I am certain that a vast majority of gay activists – homo or hetro – think of themselves as open to others views, tolerant of others beliefs. This tolerance, a hallmark of progressivism, often creates a mantle of intellectual, philosophical and cultural superiority over those lesser progressives such as a fundamentalist christian pizza baker in Iowa. Or a conservative jew, muslim or christian baker, taylor or candlestick maker anywhere in the US.

Not only is this baker, taylor or candlestick maker going to be compelled (as in compulsory, as in, “Djew must do exactly as ve say or djew are doompt!) to perform or go under, but they must do it well. Or else….. Believe and accept what I (we) believe or we will destroy you…

Can anyone spell i-s-l-a-m?

How about n-a-z-i?

Let’s just say me and my homey Lester are getting married now that gay marriage is ok. Oh, even though we’re gay, we’re skinheads. You know….As in ‘Heil Hitler’… With a swastika. Which is exactly what we want on our cake. With two dudes in black leather on a hawg. A teeny hawg.

Now being gay, we want only the best for our wedding cake. We INSIST on only the best!

But low n behold when we contact Maury Seidelman of Seidelman Delicatessen and Bakery, “The Finest Bakery West of Krakow” we are flatly refused. The jewass bastard won’t bake a cake with a swastika on top. I’m calling in my biker buddies and nazis to hold a rally…er, uh I mean demonstration to either make him comply or shut him down.

How dare he use his skill and talent as a shield against me! He doesn’t want to support my homosexual lifestyle so I will destroy his economic life. He hurt my feelings so I am going to destroy his livelihood. Oh, and his gay kid’s future while I’m at it…I’ll show him what happens to people who don’t tolerate my queerdom…It’s intolerable!!!

That would be an intolerant response. A real skinhead nazi type – gay or not – would not go all teary and wonky like a regular gay…. I think I’ll just find another cake maker. Let’s see. Mmmm.  Mmm Uh. Deedee du.m…Oh, here’s one. Let’s see….

M. Obama’s Bakery-N-Garden

“We Have Da Bess Veggie Cakes in Town”

Time for gays to grow some nads (girls and boys) and quit whining. Whhhaaa…

Would you like some cheese with that whine???

The Ringo Zone

ps – Just for the record, Ringo is what you would call gay friendly. Ringo is ok with gaydom. Though he finds the act between men very unpleasant, he finds the act between/among woman entertaining. Weird, but ok. He has supported both financially and morale-wise gay and lesbian, uh events over the years. One of the loves of his life is a lesbo, his big sister, Big Sis.

He applauds the Supreme Court decision on same sex marriage, not particularly because he is for gay marriage but rather, because he is for Liberty. So, if you want to accuse him of being a queer basher, go blow yourself…


3 thoughts on “The Intolerance of Tolerance

  1. This illustrates the fuzzy logic which makes me question whether it is a good thing to encourage you to collect weapons.


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