I read with gleeful wonderment the absurdity of this obsession with global warming. The really funny part is that those who espouse it are constantly calling their findings “scientific”. The sad part of this ostentatious and never ending display is that the more they quote “science” the weaker their hypothesis becomes. Global warming is a hoax perpetrated by the dishonest and perpetuated by the gullible. The Gruber Voter.

I was raised with an appreciation of science and taught in the Jeffersonian model that included what was called the scientific approach. It has been decades since I skulked the hallowed halls of university but I have observed that the post-Gen X crowd (as a subset) is heavily lacking in an inquisitive mind and a minimal degree of critical thinking. Raised on the pablum of department of education rewrites and an accommodating media, who can blame them? They are the product of our soft stupid society and culture. They are we.

For those of you who were absent in 5th grade geography, Mother Earth, as the rest of living organisms, is in constant flux. For many thousands (millions to the evolutionists) of years the climate gyrated wildly from millennia to millennia and from century to century. Then, about 15,000 years ago (or 8,700+/- to the creationists) the moon finally reached a distance from Earth that created just the perfect gravitational pull to fix Earth at a 23* tilt on her axis. As it turns out, this was the perfect balance to stabilize her frenetic gyrations and bring a calm predictable global climate. Remember the ice age? Glaciers in the south?

Since that time continental climate has been basically static and the human population has rocketed. Of course there are climate fluctuations. When I was a kid we called them heat waves and cold spells. Yes, it is that simple. Some days are hotter than normal and others are colder than normal. Sometimes it’s rainy and other times it’s dry. That climatology is referred to as “science” is laughable today after the scam that was attempted by the global alarmists. The bedrock of science is integrity of data. No doubt they were dupes to a more clever crowd who seems to have the almighty dollar at heart.

I have a suggestion for the global warming/climate change crowd. Go find a geography book published before 1980. In it you will read the truth. Weather is not predictable. The ocean currents affect climate for months on end. Volcanoes can cause cooler than normal temperature for years after a disruption. El Nino comes and is followed years later by La Nina.

After the disgraceful revelations of mis-reported data that came in droves out of the East Anglia event…. it is sad to see a once light-hearted “science” reduced to a laughing stock by those who see the larger picture, who understand the mightiness of nature and Earth and have studied at the collegiate level physics, chemistry, biology, history, geography, philosophy, including religion and a myriad other topics that relate to our day-to-day experience in our environment, not the least being seeing sunrises and sunsets many thousands of times.

The community of climatologists and meteorologists should be outraged at the demeaning claims of the so called “climate experts”. The population has for many years taken the value of climatology and weather predictions with a grain of salt. So what if the the weather guy said Saturday would be sunny and we got rain on our company picnic? It’s nature. Nature is unpredictable, though her laws are immutable.

The sad reality is that a vast majority of the 40 and under crowd have taken this propaganda hook line and sinker. They are like a catfish with a hook stuck deep in its belly but a smile on its face for swallowing that big old piece of bait.

Well, the good news is, whether you quit driving, quit using electricity or quit breathing Mother Earth won’t notice. You see, there are some things bigger than you. There are some things bigger than us. And, Earth is one of them. We are to Earth as an ant is to a football field. So, light up your grill, crank up your lawn mower. Wash your car. Burn up those leaves you’ve been stacking up. If there is one thing we can all agree to respect, it is Earth. Earth is big. Earth does its own thing.

The Ringo Zone



  1. How I came to trust the vast majority of climate scientists (big tent to include historic geophysicists and other informed and interested parties who did physics) : one of my intellectual loadstones was Bob Parks. He was a physics prof at U Maryland and Ex. Dir. of the American Physics Society. He was a skeptic until the tipping point of the Haleakala Co2 curve when it went over 400 ppm in 2013. He admitted the data was in and conclusive. The hockey stick graph was and is compelling. And while correlation is not causation it should point in a consistent direction and deviate over the years which it hasn’t. Finally in 2012 those notes climate scholars, the Koch brothers, paid a group of scientists at UC Berkley headed by a well-known climate change skeptic, a well respected geophysicist, $500,000 to look at all available data and have an opinion. Short story- change is real, accelerating and likely man-caused. A powerful meta study with a powerful conclusion.


    • Contemporary journalism is the perfect companion for the warmers. Clueless dim-witted parrots with the curiosity of a rock without understanding of the natural order or natural history of Earth and the Universe. It is typical of the know little, beleive anything society we happen to be part of.


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