DC Politicians

DC Politicians

After the founding fathers – III – defeated the British army to form the new republic, many of them served, often reluctantly, as the stewards of the new nation. Others – shop owners, farmers, physicians and other citizens – served the public interest as congressmen who were elected typically for two years. Their service complete, they returned to their towns and farms to resume a productive life.

Two-hundred years later we are ruled by a cabal of professional politicians who suckle off the public teat often for decades on end as they grow that teat to gigantic size. DDD. Anyone who wants to make a living by thinking up ways to have others – the 310,000,000 of US who live our lives through the rules, regulations and dicta that they create – has a serious control issue. In absolute rule they would be tyrants.

I would not allow many of them into my home. When I hear that oily Harry Reid croak his sorry excuses for what they are doing I find myself wanting to wipe the bottom of my shoes in tall grass. That goggle-eyed half-wit Nancy Pelosi, the hapless John Boehner, the ineffective Mitch McConnell and the rest of their ilk sit on their fat asses in chairs we own, flying around in jets we bought, burning fuel we pay for and drinking liquor bought by…you guessed it, you and me. 

And what do we pay them for? We pay them to spend money they take from us to think up more laws for us to have to submit to. And who’s waiting in the wings? The shrill and dreadful ‘What difference does it make?’ Hillary Clinton who did receive that ‘3:00 in the morning’ call when our people were being slaughtered in Benghazi. A lot of good it did them.

We have enough stinking rules and laws and regulations. If it’s not in The Ten Commandments, The Bill of Rights or the Boy Scout Handbook, we don’t need it. DC is like a cancer to the patient, our country. There are three basic ways to deal with cancer: cut it out, poison it or cut off blood flow to the tumor. Unfortunately, the first two therapies are too draconian for most of US. But the third option is a possibility. Cut off the flood of money – taxes – and they will figure out who they work for.

Until we the people force an end to the federal income theft by implementing a fair tax that is funded by consumption and not by punishing individual productivity,  every right minded worker should withhold as much tax as possible by claiming maximum deductions throughout the year and pay the taxes due on April 15 and not a day before. As it is, the typical worker, whether a clock puncher or a manager, works until lunchtime to pay his or her federal income taxes. After lunch whatever you make is yours.

Term limits would address a good deal of the problem but we’ll never see the likes of DC politicians vote themselves out of their place in line at the public trough. The ballot box gave us Obama and Reid and the weakened debt-ridden America our children and grandchildren will have to deal with. The 2008 election revealed that over half the voter population (not taxpayers) does not think right or is too gullible to trust to do right in the ballot box for the presidential election. This was repeated in 2012. So, starve the tumor. Withhold your taxes until April 15 and let them eat coke in DC.

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